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As we are amidst polo season in the Western hemisphere, here’s a quick crash course on the polo dress code for attendees. While almost anything flies at the sports tournament (and who are we to judge anyway?), there truly is an unspoken and suggested attire at polo tournaments. Treat a polo game as an extension to fashion week showing off your Sunday best, the latest trends, and looks pulled off directly from the runway.

Kiel James Patrick (far left) & Sarah Patrick (far right) and friends at the Veuve Clicquot’s Polo Classic
Kiel James Patrick (far left) & Sarah Patrick (far right) and friends at the Veuve Clicquot’s Polo Classic

What Should You Wear To a Polo Match?

Dress light. It is summer after-all and, unless super lucky, there will not be much shade more than your hat (which we will discuss later.). Simply speaking, it’s time to pull out your Tulum-specials: breathable materials like linen, light and/or pastel hues, and loose silhouettes like at the 2019 Portsea Polo (see below.). Top the look with a hat and you’ve got yourself a typical polo looks for both men and women.

Summer polo inspiration!
Summer polo inspiration!

To start, there are some faux pas to avoid:

  1. Do not wear black (both men and women)
  2. Do not wear stilettos as you will be on grass and dirt the majority of your time
  3. Keep your office suit at home and instead wear something more fun  

Voila. Sounds simple, and yet…

What Should Men Wear To a Polo Match?

We’ll start off with men as it is perhaps easier.

Chantilly, France Polo Open 2018
Chantilly, France Polo Open 2018

The rule is simple: one can wear anything they would wear to the derby or a summer party, but not a suit they would wear to a wedding. That leaves us with one answer: seersucker. This kind of suit usually comes in printed cotton or synthetic fabric that has a surface consisting of puckered and flat sections, typically in a striped pattern. The attire allows for easy movement and does not overheat your body. Options come anywhere from your typical retailers like Suit Supply, Tallia Orange, Brooks Brothers, etc.

Portsea Polo Open 2019

For those who do not like the casual seersucker material, light linen summer suits are available instead. Opt for pastel colors and have fun with them truly mix-and-matching prints, hues, and materials. While ties are sleek and popular for a modern metropolitan man, you can go for a bowtie for an entertaining look as well. And don’t forget a printed pocket square too.

What’s in fashion these days anyway?

While long pants and suits are the norm, shorts and top are quite an outfit choice as well. Here we’d recommend both pieces, and blazer (if present,) to come in the same color or print for the look to be a bit more festival than a typical Sunday baseball game. In that case, do not forget a pair of fun socks from Happy Socks.

Should Men Wear Hats To a Polo Game?

Traditionally, men who attend polo games wear a Panama hat to shield themselves from the sun. Depending on the venue, you might have shade options. However, a hat is a total style option– you are allowed to come with or without. As men’s hats are not necessarily at fashion’s peak this particular season, perhaps you can stick to prints and colors this year.

What Should Women Wear To a Polo Match?

We could write a whole book about women’s polo outfits and it still would not be enough. Stemming from royal fashion at polo tournaments (we wrote more about it here), women would normally wear full skirts or dresses panning out to below their knee.

This attire sometimes came with corsets and truly uncomfortable garments. But as women’s right advanced, women began to wear pants and even shorter option to polo games.

So, what do we wear today?

Women can truly wear just about anything to a game, but tight pieces and super dark colors and black are not entirely recommended. Light summer dresses with vivid prints are usually a go-to. Options from Zimmerman, Love Lace, & Other Stories, and just about any store are available.  Opt for a wraparound dress or perhaps one with an open back for a full cruise-vacation style.

Jumpsuits, skirts, and pants are also totally appropriate. For pants, opt for lighter colors. While the Dutches of Cambridge has been seen wearing jeans, depending on the event they could be appropriate as well. Flattering gaucho pants are quite fun and comfortable too like options from Delfina Blaquier’s Acheval Pampa (see below).

Polo power couple Nacho Figueras & Delfina Blaquier at the Veuve Clicquot’s Polo Classic

What’s in style right now?

Ruffles and prints! The girlier the better as you’re bound to be surrounded by a garden of floral dresses and vivid colors. While black dresses are not as suggested, a little black-and-white polka dot dress will surely stand out. Colombian-style ruffled dresses are also popular from designers like Johanna Ortiz and Silvia Tcherassi.

And since it is a fashion event in a way, why not opt for this season’s favorites? Tie-dye and feathers are just about at their peak. Wear a feather lined dress or a tie-dye print to truly fashionista-worthy attention.

Should Women Wear Hats To a Polo Game?

Hats are elegant and chic for women at polo tournaments. From bolero hats to floppy options, or a gigantic Jacquemus hat, feel free to go overboard here.

Final advice for all…

Wear comfy shoes as you will be walking around and standing around A LOT. Espadrilles or chunky sandals for girls if options for a heel (not mandatory.) No sneakers for men unless you can make a cool chunky sneaker or Gucci option look chic.

Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo at the Veuve Clicquot’s Polo Classic

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