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In this interview, we hear from one of the oldest clubs in America, the Myopia Polo Club in Massachusetts. Kim Maguire gives PoloWeekly the history and talks about the tournaments that Myopia hosts and participates in through the year.

Can you give us a brief background on your club?

Myopia Polo holds the distinction of being one of the oldest active clubs in America. Club players have competed on summer Sundays on Gibney Field since the first game in 1887. Today, Myopia has 50 competitive members at many levels of polo.

Myopia Polo Club
Mid-match at Myopia Polo Club

The focus is on young players and families. Myopia Polo offers three levels of programming. A coaching league where new and intermediate players learn about the sport and hone their skills, our competitive tournament level Polo offers 0-8 goal tournaments, and our social members enjoy Sunday polo tailgating aaa well as special events throughout the season. 

What tournaments do you have coming up this year? And can international players participate?

Myopia Polo hosts seven USPA tournaments during the season.  Our members enjoy to compete in the highly competitive USPA Chairmans Cup.

Myopia Polo has hosted many international clubs and players.  Most recently, the Harvard Intercollegiate team faced off against Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale in the prestige Atlantic Cup.

Myopia Polo Club
Post game on the grounds at Myopia Polo Club

Myopia Polo hosts fun, family, women’s, and perpetual club tournaments throughout the season for all levels of play.  Some of our members travel off season to play in Florida, Argentina, Ireland, and Poland.

Are you seeing a lot of new people interested in playing polo?

Yes, we have an established coaching league, Interscholastic and Intercollegiate teams, and an off season winter arena program that draw new players to the sport.

Myopia Polo Club
Mid-match at Myopia Polo Club

If someone is interested in coming and taking lessons at your club, what is the best way for them to get started?

Lessons are available from professional polo instructors in our area. There is information on our polo hotline (978-468-7656) and our polo manager will assist you.

Is there anything else that you would like to share that we have not asked so far?

Myopia Polo is a very welcoming club that encourages new players, spectators, and polo enthusiasts to catch a Sunday match, learn to play, or compete.

Great, and where can people find you if they want to come watch a match?

Myopia Polo Club
435 Bay Road 
South Hamilton MA 01982

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