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In this interview with the Chiemsee Polo Club, Alexandra Ott shares everything you need to know about polo in Bavaria with PoloWeekly – including what makes the Chiemsee Club special and what you should do if you’re interested in getting started. To learn more about the club, visit their website here.

Can you give us a brief background on your club?

The Chiemsee Polo Club Gut Ising e.V. was founded in 1989 and is located on the beautiful grounds of the 4-star superior Hotel Gut Ising in the region of Chiemgau in Bavaria, which is famously considered one of the most beautiful holiday areas in Bavaria.

Surrounded by mountains and overlooking the Chiemsee, we can offer a picturesque ambience. And due to the practical infrastructure you can reach the motorway in 5 minutes, from there you are 30 minutes from Salzburg and 1 hour to Munich.

Right now we have 10 members at our club, ranging from beginner to seasoned players with a HCP of + 2, everything is up to par.

What makes your club unique?

We are a full service club. So our players, their friends and visitors will find groomed polo courts, an exercise field, a arena court, the canter track, a large hall (68m x 28m), lots of nature to ride on and the well-run riding center of Gut Ising. Together with Gut Ising, the hotel with attached spa area, the 9-hole golf course, the tennis courts, the various restaurants and bars, the Chiemsee with all water sports and Salzburg on the doorstep. This really is a club for players, as well as guests and friends in an excellent and unique place to enjoy this incredible hobby, together with family!

Do you host tournaments at your club, if so what’s your most important tournament of the year?

Every year we host numerous international tournaments. All classes are represented from amateur to medium goal. The Chiemsee Cup, which takes place in July, is the highlight of the polo season for our club. It includes a VIP area, incredible catering, and in addition to the polo we also offer a lot of activities, like childcare, tombola, and a free try on a wooden horse.

Can members from international clubs come and participate in your tournaments?

Yes! we are always happy to welcome international teams. With the excellent Hotel Gut Ising on premises we have a great opportunity to accommodate players and family. The international ambience is very important to our club and we are always very happy when we play with players from all over the world. In the past, we have already welcomed teams from Italy, Spain, Dubai and more.

What kind of other tournaments do your members participate in, do any of your members travel to play?

We are very lucky to have Eva Brühl (mix HCP +2) as a member of our club. As the best German female player, we have excellent international relations. She owns her own farm in Argentina and is very active. Due to her female handicap of +6 she is represented in many women’s tournaments as she played in Thailand, among others against Lia and Hazel. But the other members do not stay away from the international stage either. So you can meet them in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Mexico and even in China. Polo thrives on international relations and each of our members is happy to be able to complete new places.

How many polo ponies does your club currently have?

We currently have 60 horses in our club. The Polo School el Conder also allows players without their own horses to participate in our training programs. There you can mount a beginner horse all the way to advanced horses at any time. Also for tournaments there is the possibility to borrow horses from the Polo School.

Are you seeing a lot of new people interested in playing polo?

At the moment we are seeing a growing interest in polo. We currently have 5 new students that have started playing this year in the El Conder Polo School. Additionally, our club cooperates with a resident boarding school so young people get the opportunity to come try polo throughout the year.

If someone is interested in coming and taking lessons at your club, what is the best way for them to get started?

Together with the Argentine polo professional Carlos Velazquez, the club offers the largest polo school in southern Germany, where you can learn, train and play with and without your own horses. Velazquez’s qualified “El Condor-Chiemsee Polo School” offers introductory courses, beginner and advanced training courses, as well as intensive training for experienced players and team coaching. As a special highlight, it offers training camps and tournaments for children and adolescents.

“Carlito” has been a coach and professional player in the Chiemsee Polo Club Gut Ising e.V. since 1995 and is one of the few officially recognized polo trainers in Germany (Hurlingham Polo Association Instructor Grade 2).

For polo enthusiasts and players, this offers a comprehensive range with many possibilities and variations.

Where is the best place for people to learn more information about your club?

Our website provides all the information about the club, which you can access here.

We also recommend following us on Facebook and on Instagram to get updated information and daily news.

If you represent or play at a polo club that we have not yet featured on and would like to change that, just click here to submit your interest.

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